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Our practice areas

We provide full support to foreign business in starting and running business in Russia

Company in Russia

Create your dream company in Russia

We register companies of any organizational and legal form remotely and in just three days.

from 950 €

Accounting in Russia

Do secure accounting of your Russian company

We carry out daily accounting of your company on the cloud based software to which you have access in real time.

from 100 €

Banks in Russia

Open bank account for a Russian company

We open your company account in the most reliable and customer-oriented banks in Russia and navigate you in the process of working with the bank.

from  350 €

Bank account in Russia

Open bank account for a non-resident company in Russia

We will open the account of your foreign company in reliable Russian banks focused on servicing non-resident business.

from  1950 €

Tax registration in Russia (INN)

Get a tax number in Russia for a non-resident company

If you plan to open an account of your foreign company in Russia, by law you are required to receive a tax number. We fully implement this process in the shortest possible time.

from  850 €

Work permit in Russia

Become the director of your dream company in Russia

If a foreigner wants to be the director of the company, he/she should have residence permit or be hired by his company as a highly qualified staff. We take care of this entire process.

from  1500 €

Resident permit in Russia

Get a residence permit in the most beautiful country

We provide full support for the process of obtaining a residence permit in Russia through the creation of a business.

from  2500 €

Rent an office in Russia

Find your dream office in Russia

We will select for you a high-quality legal address or an optimal office that meets all your parameters and will provide legal support for the contract. In addition, we will install all the necessary communications equipment.

from  450 €

Buy business in Russia

Buy an existing profitable business in Russia

We provide search, financial and legal verification of the existing business to ensure an error-free purchase for you.

from  1500 €

Buy property in Russia

Buy your dream property in Russia

Real estate in Russia is an excellent investment tool and a great place for your personal life. We fully accompany the process from the selection of the necessary objects to ensure the legal purity of the transaction.

from  600 €

Translate documents in Russia

Translation and legalization of documents

We translate documents of any subject and complexity from 40 languages of the world and provide the necessary legalization.

from  100 €

Hire staff in Russia

Create the most effective team in Russia

Staff in Russia is highly educated, productive, hardworking, progressive and not as expensive as in European countries. We provide recruitment and full legal support.

from  450 €

Mortgage in Russia

Get a mortgage in Russia to buy your dream property

Today, not only citizens of the Russian Federation, but also foreigners can get a mortgage to buy an apartment or house. For migrants who stay for long years in a rental housing, it would be more logical to buy their own living space.

from  1500 €

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