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Legal support for the purchase and sale of business

Why legal support for buying a business is so important?

Existing legal mechanisms for buying and selling businesses in Russia

Buying and selling an enterprise as a property complex

Purchase of stake in the authorized capital of LLC

Reorganization of a legal entity - mergers and acquisitions of companies in Russia

General steps for buying business in Russia

Legal audit

Legal audit involves a comprehensive legal analysis of a company: statutory documents, rights to assets, patents, compliance of transactions with legislation, etc. An analysis of the organization’s archives helps to identify weak points, establish ways to eliminate them, and develop recommendations for improving the company's activities.

Financial audit

Verification of compliance and reliability of financial statements with legal norms is performed. It also establishes the accuracy of financial information on real profits and financial stability of the company.

Tax audit

At this stage, it is important to establish the “purity” of the firm’s tax activity: calculation, declaration, payment of taxes, assessment of the optimality of the tax system used, etc. If the pre-sale preparation of a business during a tax audit reveals high tax risks, then a question may arise about a significant reduction in the value of the business or about the expediency of purchase.

Business valuation

Estimated pre-sale audit of the organization is carried out on the basis of the obtained data of financial, tax, legal audit, cost of assets, payback period of investments and other important points. It is important to actually make sure that the cost you pay for the purchase of a business is adequate.

Purchase structure

At this stage, the structure of the transaction is determined which is most suitable for acquiring a business.

Closing the deal

At this stage, the contract is signed, the payment mechanism is determined, changes are made to the constituent documents and state registries, legal transfer of ownership is respected.

Order a comprehensive support for buying a business in Russia

Specialists of the company Vita Liberta have many years of successful experience in supporting transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses in Russia. We have an established system of checking all aspects of the transaction and will provide you with the most reliable purchase.

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