Legal address for your company in Russia

Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

You have several options to provide a reliable legal address for your company

The place of state registration of a legal entity is called the legal address. Its choice should be approached especially responsibly, because without knowing the specifics of each option, it is quite possible that the organization will not be registered. First of all, you will lose time and money by paying a state fee and, possibly, notarial services.

Rent a legal address where you will not be located physically

Register your company to your home address

Rent an office with the possibility of registering a legal address

Rent a legal address for your company in Russia

This is the legal address of the company, which meets all the requirements, but in which you can not work physically.

  • we provide non-mass legal addresses all over Russia;
  • we give a 100% guarantee that our legal addresses will be accepted by the tax office;
  • for each company we provide postal service;
  • we provide the facilities of fully equipped offices for inspections from the Bank and the Tax Authorities;
  • we provide registration of legal address just for 15 minutes;
  • the possibility of prolongation of the contract;
  • we can provide telephone service with the official greeting of your company and secretary service.

Check your legal address weather it is recognized as a mass address or not


from 50 € (per month)

Rent office space suitable for legal address and work

If you need an office for work or you need to place employees, then the most appropriate solution would be to rent office space and register a company at this legal address. Strategically, this is the most correct option, since in the nearest future, in the framework of the struggle with one-day firms, the tax service will require the presence of a governing body at the place of registration of the company.

In fact, no one tells you what quality, what size and at what price you can rent an office. Consequently, you can choose a completely economical office, which will totaly close the question of the legal address of your company in front of banks and goverment bodies.

from 150 € (per month)

Register your company to your home address

You can register a company at your home address. This requires a permanent or temporary residence permit for the director or one of the founders. In addition, if the premises are not owned, it is necessary to obtain permission from the factual owners to register the your organization

The advantages of the Company's registration to the home address:

  • minimum expenses for the legal address (only if you already own the premises);
  • issues of postal correspondence are settled;
  • you can easily be found by the authorities.

Disadvantages of home address for company:

  • if you do not own property, you have to rent it and pay for rent. In addition, you have to enter into special agreement with the owner of the property to issue a permission;
  • if you change your home address, you will have to make changes in company documents, which will take some time;
  • home address my be denied for certain activities such as financial and credit organizations.

from 450 € (one-off legal assistance)

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