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Vita Liberta consulting firm

Vita Liberta company is a Russian law company.

Our main expertise is to support international business activities in Russia. If your company plans to enter the Russian market, engage in export/import activities or plans to expand geographically beyond its borders, then you will be faced with a lot of questions, many of which require specialized in-depth knowledge of the subject, namely:

  • how to choose and register the best form of legal entity;
  • what is the most appropriate tax regime and how to ensure the company's accounting is sound;
  • how to open a bank account for a foreign company in Russia or for a local one and how to comply with currency law requirements and ensure compliance of bank procedures;
  • how to follow all legal requirement for employment;
  • how to get a work permit in Russia;
  • how to register a trademark and apply for a patent;
  • how to use government incentive programs;
  • and many other.

Vita Liberta specialists work with these questions on a daily basis. We are responsible for consulting in our field of activity, we follow a conservative approach, i.e. an approach that best protects the interests of our customers. We guarantee and promise you that your interests in Russia will be protected by us responsibly, efficiently and effectively.

Konon Sergey,

Director of Vita Liberta Company

Our management team

Vita Liberta is proud to cooperate with specialists of the highest level. We have a friendly, stable and motivated team to successfully solve each case. In our company you can always call any employee including the director and solve tasks in a fair and consistent manner.

<p>Sergey Konon, director, head of finance department</p>

Sergey Konon, director, head of finance department

<p>Natalia Vinogradskaya, head of legal department</p>

Natalia Vinogradskaya, head of legal department

<p><strong>Inna Konovchenko, head of HR department</strong></p>

Inna Konovchenko, head of HR department

Contact details

Office address: Russia, Moscow, Volochaevskaya street - 40g, building 4, room 1.49

Our office is located in a peaceful place just near the city ceter of Moscow in the beautiful historic building of the 19th century being part of Russia's cultural heritage. We will be glad to see you in our office.

Tel: +7 (499) 110-80-55

Email: konon@vitaliberta.com